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Another "BETH" Sailing Canoe

MK 2 "Kanangra"

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Plans $100 Australian plus postage

Duck Flat passed on some pics of one of the other Beths.

Not a bad varnish job!

Shows some detail of the clean deck layout and the minimum of fittings.
It is quite amazing how just the right amount of sheer and deck camber disguises the box shape of the hull.

Very shipshape and elegant.  The mainsail is hoisted just a little too high.  It should come down about 9 inches, reducing the heeling moment and the load on the mast.  The mainsail also has to move about 9 inches further forward.  This can be managed by moving the halyard block up the yard by approx 12 inches.

What a magnificent varnish job.  Note the minimal deck gear - keeps the cost down without compromising performance

Good View of the Rudder Arrangement

Get the Sheerline right and the boat will look perfect - even if is is a square section hull.

Put it on the water and the chine almost disappears from site but still allows the bow and stern a nice aggressive look.

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