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Please direct plan purchases to an agent in your region..  I have agents in the UK, the USA, South Africa, Hungary and Australia and they post and email plans internationally.

Because of the lower cost of distribution the cheaper plan prices are by email.  Some of the lower volume plans are only available as PDF files from my Agents.

By the way, if you have an established business selling plans or boatbuilding materials in Europe or South America I am looking for someone in that region to be an agent.  Or if you are selling kits anywhere and would like a kit agency please contact me.

You can also order boat plan books direct from the publisher.  Delivery time are approximate.
North America 5 days, Europe 5 to 12, Australia and NZ 12 days.  Goat Island Skiff, Handy Punt, Beth, both paddleing canoes, the Handy Punt, OzRacer (formerly PDRacer), Goose Supplement, Handy Punt.

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North America
Duckworks Magazine Online shop
Credit cards, Paypal, cheque or money order.

Email Chuck

Duckworks are my USA agents.  Their list of storer plans is not complete but it is growing as I prepare updated versions of my plans but you can see most of my plans on their page.

They deliver plans by email, mail on paper or CD.

UK, Europe
Fyne Boat Kits
Credit and debit cards, cheque, money order

Email Fyne
Fyne's Storer plans and kits
Phone - UK 01539 721 770
Fyne have the full range of plans available including the PDFs delivered by email and are an excellent producer of kits. They are still preparing their storerboat page but contact them by phone or email if you can't see what you want.

Seawing boats
Credit cards, Paypal, cheque or money order.

Email Seawing
Phone - 01845 527397 or 078 7638 6667
Seawing are providers of plans and building materials.  They will be producing pre cut kits for some of the Storer Boat Plans.

They deliver plans by email, and can provide printed plans or plans on CD for an additional charge.

Duckflat Wooden Boats Online shop
Credit cards, Cheque, Australian or  International Money Order

Email Duck Flat
Phone 08 8391 3988 (International +61 8 83913988)
Fax 08 8391 3977 (International +61 8 83913977)
Duck Flat handle all Storer Plans and post internationally and locally - they carry my whole range and can deliver building materials throughout Australia.  They have even delivered a kit to the Solomon Islands!

Plans are available by email or on paper by post.

South Africa
CKD Boat Kits
Credit cards, Cheque

Email Roy at CKD
Phone/Fax +27 21 510 7206
CKD approached us in late 2007.  We already knew about the quality kits that they provide for Dudley Dix designs and were pleased that they liked our boats too.  They are working on some storerboats content for their websites

They not only supply kits but boatbuilding materials through the continent.

Hajoepitok plans (Magyar)

Email Csaba
Csaba has translated the plans into Hungarian (Magyar) and Plans in English are available too. He has built the Eureka Canoe, the OzRacer (formerly OZ PDR) and the Quick Canoe with Goat Island Skiff soon.  He has also translated many of my plans to Hungarian (Magyar).  So if you want plans in English or Hungarian - he can help.

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