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Eureka 155 - Light plywood touring canoe - another launching.


Length - 15'6" (4.73m)
Beam - 34" (0.86m)
Weight - 44lbs (20kg) - Gaboon (Okoume) Ply
Can be built down to weights of 34lbs (15.5kg)

Simple to Build
Great Paddling Boats
Half the weight of most fibreglass Canoes
Comprehensive Plan Pack with step by step instructions and many illustrations

Plans $75 Australian plus postage also can be ordered online on these two sites
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Duckworks Magazine - USA
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Can be delivered by email if you wish

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The Eureka is a simple classic canoe - My Quick Canoe design is even simpler ... click here to go to my Plywood Canoe Plan comparison page to help you choose the best boat for you.

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Another Eureka has been launched - this one by Peter McKenzie.  These are his emails and pictures the way I received them -

Hi Michael ,

Finally finished and launched..straight into the open sea at Burrum Heads ..calm conditions..four klms to a small sheltered creek for trials with one , two and three adults .. and return with10 k SE wind behind us .. performance all I could ask for ..I'm loving it..Lots of favourable comment from admirers on beach at launching...Two obtained your contact details from me .
Commenced building mid Feb and completed end April working three to four days a week full days .

Followed plans to order except for a c
ouple of deviations . Six mm bottom and four mm chines and sides worked out O.K.... just a bit of a light sand after bottom to chine fillet...

Western red cedar used throughout , including paddles , (two x 4mm Ply laminate blades OK ). Bulkheads 6mm..decks 4mm..Front seat 150mm high..rear160mm...(with 25mm foam pad)... 

Seats were cut out and laced with tuna longline mono nylon.. Seats fitted into chines with two extra layers of glass tape as a pad wet on wet instead of timber (Michael Storer: I wouldn't normally do it this way because glass tape has quite low "peel strength" but Peter will find out if it works OK)

Single handed I reverse the boat and sit on the front seat to get weight n
earer centre..can also kneel on floor mat for fast straight line paddle...happy with stability..

Completed  weight 22 kg ...I could have been less heavy handed with epoxy , but more than pleased with final weight .
End inwhale spacers and deck were fitted as one exercise to make rebate easier ... inwhales followed next day ...worked for me ..
Deck curve , centre spreader ,seat cutout , all used same curve pattern ...cutouts from centre spreader were glued under seat supports , not for strength but to refine the only square part of the boat .(more added weight ,but looks good)

Timber selection in practice
 In Hindsight:- Would have followed your specifications for Oregon gunwhales and inwhales as WRC suffered abrasion putting on roof rack...particularly inwhales as they are the higher point . will plane them down to have a flat contact across rack ,and will round edges a bit more.

Handy HInts
 Vinegar for cleaning hands - Use white vinegar to clean up hands after epoxy work ( also works for polyester araldite etc ) . I don't use gloves as they tend to sweat up here and drip on work . Also works for accidents on clothing . I wash once with handfull of vinegar wipe on old cloth ,rinse once more with vinegar , and wash with soap and water .
Mini Torture boards - Make mini torture boards with various grades of standard and emery paper(belt sanders) and ply offcuts (35mmx200mm) and glue a 40mmx25x19 handle on top .Makes sanding easier on tapes , paddles , etc.
Dust control , I have a bucket of damp sawdust on hand and sprinkle on work table and surrounding floor ( remember the old butcher shops) and sweep up after each session , You never get it all , but at least you don't stir it all up again when you sweep up .
Love the Eureka , thank you for a great set of plans and easy to follow instructions.

Kind Regards ,
Peter McKenzie

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