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Epoxy Glues vs Resorcinol Glues

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This was in reference to a deck repair - what glue to use to apply teak planking to a plywood substrate.  It makes general comparisons between the glues

Epoxy is gap filling - so if there are gaps between the ply and the deck substructure the epoxy will have no problems.

With a deck done in this way you don't need to use any permanent fastenings (screws or nails). You can use gyprock screws put in with a battery powered drill (one with a clutch) - and pull them out when the glue has set up. Plug the holes with epoxy and glass or dynel. I usually use glass when I do decks (not on small sailing dinghies though - too heavy)

Resorcinol is a very fine glue when you can make sure the fits between surfaces are good and can get high clamping pressures. It is a dirty brown colour and tends to stain. All exterior/marine/aircraft ply is glued with resorcinol.

Glues like titebond, Gorilla Glue and other polyurethane, modified PVA and all other "waterproof" glues apart from epoxy have the same limitations of requiring close fits and high clamping pressures. 

Here is my 30 year review on how Epoxy changed everything from the non gap filling glues.

There are gap filling resorcinols around now, but they don't seem to be commonly available.  I would suspect that they are not as gap filling as epoxy and are still the same old dark colour.

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