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There are huge advantages in keeping the epoxy at a slightly raised temperature.

  • It flows out better onto the work
  • It mixes easier
  • The curing kicks off faster in cold weather (and the box can easily only be turned on when needed.

Right - light box.

Just a simple wooden box with a lightbulb inside and a switch on the outside.  If really keen you can fit a thermostat as well.

Most of them have a angled lid on top.

Think about the orientation of the bottles vs the nozzles of the pump so you can get containers under the Knozzles when you open the hatch.

Keep the bottles around 150mm away from the globe which is mounted to the side of the whole shebang closest to the resin bottle. Switch is on outside of same side.

Globe is 40 or 60 watts - probably 25 watts would be fine too.

Don't get too carried away with nice finish - the interior is going to have an appearance of semi congealed epoxy after the first six months. And the outside will have a little of the same appearance.

And stick with the premium "high solids" epoxy systems - if you go for one of the solvent thinned el cheapo resins you will burn your house down. Unless it is rented.

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