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Centreboards vs Leeboards


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Leeboards and Centreboards have different advantages and disadvantages.

But Centreboards are more efficient and more N*O*R*M*A*L!  :-)

Tim wrote:  The beauty of a lee board is that instead of coming to a dead stop
the hull does a quick spin around the leeboard when you ground it.
It provides what someone (I think it was Phil Keck)
called "excitement aboard and amusement ashore."  At least this is
what I heard happens with a lee board, not that I've actually done it

That's a nice picture Tim!  But we decided it was going to be hard enough trying to sell Oz Sailors on an all square boat - let along a LEEBOARD!

The leeboards have some advantages in that way - but when it comes to going upwind a board in a case - rather than one on the side has a lot less drag.  It doesn't have to be in the centre either - but an offcentreboard (at Bolger titled them) would really scare the conservatively minded OZ sailors.

Our aim is to appeal to them through the performance and lightness for ease of carrying on shore (not to mention a useful performance boost.

And the other aim is not to scare them with toooo many unusual (to them) features.

This is all in the context of our sub-class - we don't necessarily want it to be the ONLY way that boats can be built - just a moderate boat for class racing


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