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OZ RACERS - PDRacers no longer*

But still the Cheapest Racing/Fun Sailboat

Sailing Boat - Rowing Boat - Motor & Fishing Boat

Carries 2 Adults plus gear -  Racing Crew 1 Adult
Weight - 65lbs - Roofrack and can be carried to water by 2 Kids
8ft Long - 80+ sq ft sail - Balance lug rig now available

2.4m Long - 7.1 sq m sail

*Not a PDRacer any more - the OZ Racer does not conform to the current PDRacer rules.  It is still the best sailing simple boat with the best plan - so would suit anyone wanting a basic small sailing boat with excellent building instructions.  We also hope some PDRacer builders will find the plan details on performance centreboards, leeboards, rudders, masts and sails and their instructions useful but if using the hull measurements they will have to adapt them to fit the PDRacer rules on their website.


Introducing the PD Goose - same sail, same mast, same rudder, same centreboard but 12ft (3.5m) long.  Not as compact, but if you have built an OZ Racer it means you have a choice of a bigger boat to go sailing with friends.

PDF Plans by email - $20
Paper Plans - $45 plus postage 

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Plans delivered by email available from -
Duckflat - Australia - Duckworks - USA - Seawing Boats - UK
(they also sell building materials and accessories)

Plans are ideal for a first time builder
85 pages with dozens of drawings and photos

We built two boats for $350 each.  If you bought everything off the shelf it will still be <$1200

$20 -
building hull, mast and boom, centreboard and rudder, fitting out, making a sail

PDRacer Links - find out more.

1/ - our website for the OZ PDR - full information

What they are like to sail - VIDEOs too!  - easy for beginners and feels like a "re
al boat" to satisfy experts. FIXED Sept2014

3/ OZ PD Racer FAQ - Some of the discussion from back when the OZ Racer was a PDR.

4/ OZ Racer (formerly PDRacer) building web diary.  Heaps of pics and lots of witty commentary (some more, some less).  See just how easy they are to build.  Still useful for those building PDRacers.

5/ Photographic Rigging Guide - pictures of how the OZ Racers go together -  also the
Downloadable rigging list for OZ Racer.

We think ...

... Just because someone wants to build a cheap fun boat with their kids doesn't mean the design needs to be either dumbed down, second rate or complex and difficult.

... Just because someone wants to learn how to sail doesn't mean they should put up with second rate performance.

... Just because a plan is $20 doesn't mean it can't be detailed and tell you how to do almost everything to get your boat into the water successfully.

... Just because it looks like a kid's boat doesn't mean it can't be fun for one (or two) adults.

Important updates
There is an important update for some OZ Racer plans purchasers.  I have just drawn up a new sailing rig for the boat - a balance lug rig.  I am not sure it will have better performance than the original sprit rig, but it does reduce the length of the mast and also allows for reefing the sail in stronger winds.

The picture above is of me sailing one of our OZ Mk1s with the hugely oversize lug rig off the Goat Island Skiff - a 16ft boat to attempt to take the record for the biggest sail in the PDRacer class.  It handled it beautifully - one of the reasons for providing the lug version for the OZ PDRacer.

The lug rig information is comprehensive including making the sail and is available free to OZ PDR builders with proof of plan purchase.

The History

The PDRacer class was masterminded by David "Shorty" Roth who took the basic shape of the Phil Bolger "Brick" but decided to allow experimentation using that hull shape.

We worked with the PDRacer group for a few years developing up the OZ series of PDR.   Now there has been a split between the PDRacer and the now OZ Racer.  Our OZ racer is focussed more in showing correct boatbuilding methods.  Build an OZ following our excellent plans and you will know many of the correct methods for building all modern wooden boats.  A boatbuilding course in a book.

They are perfect as a first sailing boat for adults - they will carry two adults and maybe a couple of little kids too, and are very stable.

Making it better without changing cost
Like many new classes the first PD racers were undergoing some teething problems - a few of the existing boats worked well - many others didn't..  

From the info on the web it seemed that despite being incredibly cheap they seemed to be
  1. relatively slow
  2. didn't sound very manouvreable
  3. sounded slow downwind (no planing)
  4. sounded tricky downwind (nosediving)
  5. heavily built compared to boats in Australia
  6. weak structurally - builders were plagued with hull twist
Anyway I went on a visit to Queensland to stay with Peter and Jo Hyndman - builders of one of the first Goat Island Skiff - and Peter (aka BitingMidge) tried to talk me into the idea that we build a boat during my stay.

I became very interested when I saw how many people were being introduced to sailing by this very humble boat.  I thought it would be interesting to see how many improvements could be made without increasing the cost or complexity of the boats.

The PD Racer also looked to be a great portable boat for scooting around on the backwaters of the Mooloola River which runs near his house.

By that time I had seen the potential of the boats - and I upped the ante by suggesting we build TWO - so we would have an instant racing fleet - or another boat to admire the first one from!

Also we both had started to think how the boats would be improved with some good old Aussie knowhow.  In Australia we continued to develop light and efficient plywood boatbuilding long after the Northern Hemispherians had moved to Fibreglass boats.  Our design for the OZ PDRacers took advantage of this extra historical development.

So that was a start to this great project - the upshot was that we made two boats that were are delight to sail ... yes a box boat can sail so well that even racing sailors come back with a grin on their face ... but it is also a very forgiving boat for beginners.

We carefully documented the build of the first two boats and used many of those photos in the comprehensive plan which are very thorough about methods and materials to make it easy to put a OZRacer together.

We decided to have an experiment and make the plans deliverable by email and keep them dirt cheap ... only $20.

Plans and more information now available OZ Racer website
Updates about new developments and boats being built on the OZ Racer Blog
Michael Storer Design Forum with a lot of PDR and OZ Racer information including builds in Australia, England, Africa, Romania, Hungary, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Slovenia, Russia and more.

sexy black PDRacer

Three Adelaide PDRacers built at Duck Flat

And Now Introducing the OzRacer RV sail boat

The simplest boat got even simpler

  1. More space in the Cockpit (leeboard)
  2. Much easier to build
  3. 1 sheet more plywood but less timber
  4. Same sparkling OzRacer performance
  5. Same $20 plans price
Click Here for More Information

OzRacer Mk2 Left and OzRacer RV Right.

Compare ozracer RV with OzRacer Mk2

Fewer parts and four major panels are identical

OzRacer RV is a brillaint sailor but very easy to build -

Much easier for two adults to fit

ozracer RV - the simplest boat with excellent plans just became even simpler.

12ft Oz Goose Version - click here for info

Same simplicity - take the whole family out .  Hull weight is 110lbs so easily roofrackable.

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