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Most of the items below have been my responses to various debates on the  PDRacer.com forum.  I have placed them here for easier access.

For general information about detailed OZ Racer Plans and construction
click OZ Racer Website - Formerly OZ PDRacer website.

Disclaimer - Our idea has was specifically

 to develop an easily built version of the PDR
with excellent performance without excessive expense.

To improve buildability and performance through a series
of designs for this type of boat

Also see the EPOXY and Boatbuilding FAQ for tips on building, repair, methods etc

OZ Racer FAQ - applies to early PDRacer Development

This section is largely a historical document but many of the items are instructional for all boat design.

As we all know the OZ Racer started off being part of the PDRacer movement.  So the below are all historical documents referring to PDRacers and our OZ versions at the time.  Readers are to be aware that now the OZ Racer and the PDRacer have headed in different directions with no official links, though we have many lasting friendships from our involvement.

Some have modified their build to make a true PDRacer but incorporating the many construction and performance improvements.  Modified OzRacers have won the PDRacer world titles 4 times.
2013 - Rick Landreville
2011 - Brad Hickman
2010 - Rick Landreville
2009 - Shawn Payment

We have now developed three versions of the OzRacer.
  • The original two OzRacer Mk1 designs
  • The Ozracer Mk2 - the plan version, incorporating many improvements that would be considered Industrial design.  More performance oriented
  • The OzRacer RV - a more cruising oriented boat with more space in the cockpit and much simpler to build but with the sparkling OzRacer performance
  • The Oz Goose - a 12ft version.  A supplement to build the boat  in a longer version for two people to sail comfortably

Making Carbon Fibre Components and comparison with wood.

Why exotic second hand parts of other boats cant be used on OZ PD Racers

Hull Structure
How light can a PDR Racer be built of wood? 10kg/25lbs?

The Weight limits on the OZ PD Racer - approx 28kg/60lbs

The Death of Small Boat Sailing in Australia.  TOO EXPENSIVE.

Questions on whether the OZ PD Racer will distort under sailing loads and suggestions about sending me on a diet

The correct plywood thicknesses for a robust boat

Peter on how much resistance to puncture does ply really need to have

Centerboards and Leeboards
Leeboards vs Centreboards

Why the centreboard position in scows is different from pointy bowed boats and why it ended up not making a difference to the OZ PD Racer

Are there shallow draft options for the PD Racer - my local waters are tres shallow

Which is better - a swinging centreboard, daggerboard or a leeboard?

NACA Foils and the performance advantages

Hull Design
Discussion about the extreme aft location of the OZ PD Racer centrecase

Capsize and Recovery in OZ PD Racers

Why we don't use mainsheet cleats and design for capsize and economy.

Rig, Fittings and Sail
More on planing and the behaviour of polytarp sails in stronger wind.

Photo Gallery of Rigging a PDR to show how to get the right sail shape - Sprit Rig

Photo Gallery of setting up a lug rig for efficiency - not a PDR but same principles

Sailing the boat well
OZ PD Racer and planing - spray in the face - wind in the hair!

Sailing upwind efficiently - how fast in a  non trapeze boat

Working out how well your boat performs upwind - Leeway, tacking angle, pointing angle

Home - Plans, some free downloads, projects, the balsa canoe

Sitemap - everything at a glance