Heap of wooden boats being built at the Duckflat Autumn School

I am helping with the teaching in a ten day boatbuilding school in Adelaide Australia.

10 boats 12 students – all off to a flying start.

Most are from interstate. Varying levels of skill. Most haven’t built a boat before. A couple have woodwork or home renovation skills.

I will post more info here a bit later. Most boats are Oughtred – one Storer Eureka, a Lillistone Pheonix III and a beautiful Liz Rowing scull.

The last is like a bit of jewellery.

It is well worth seeing – goes until Thursday or Friday next week – visits welcome 9 to 4 (so we have time to tidy up before and after. We are in South Australia
25 Secker Rd Mt Barker (about a 35 minute drive from the city).

Boatbuilder heaven.

Here is the photo bucket
Duck Flat Autumn Boatbuilding School

I’ll add a lot more each day and will gradually add some comments.

Michael Storer

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On the "round Australia trip" I found myself employed by a tiny business in Adelaide - Duck Flat Wooden Boats in Adelaide. It was an eye opener - It became clear that one could build a boat for a fraction of the cost of current racing boats. My ideas hinged around high performance, easy building, fun to sail and reasonably cheap Today Storer Boats are built in all countries and we have active groups on Facebook for the following groups Goat Island Skiff Open Goose Storer Boat plans Really Simple Sails