Using Fibreglass and Epoxy – the fiberglassing method


I have just updated my FAQ with some “How To” sections on different methods of using fiberglass.

Storerboatplans FAQ

It covers the different methods for small areas and large areas and also a method for getting glass to lie flat over complex curved surfaces.

There are good photos for some of the sections to make the methods clear.

For experienced builders there will be little new here – but the snap lock bag method (though I can’t take the credit) of mixing and spreading glue with little mess might be new to many

The picture right is to counter those who say “you can’t get a good finish on epoxy”. I can get a better finish with paint or varnish certainly but the basic epoxy finish need not be too bad – and after a sand and final paint and/or varnish an epoxy boat can look like a real goldplater.

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