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All our canoe videos in one list below – Paddling, Sailing and the Electric Cargo Canoe

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Choose which videos – Click on this icon at top left of video to choose which sailing and paddling canoes you want to view. List of links below the video.

The boats are …

  • Eureka classic canoe – A simple to build plywood boat that is beautiful and has many of the handling features of classic old time canoes.
  • Quick Canoe – a super simple canoe to build in a couple of weekends (or three if you are lazy). It is to get as much of a classic canoe ease of paddling and handling into a very basic three panel canoe shape.
  • Quick Canoe Electric – and easily roofrackable canoe that can power for a day with two batteries and an electric trolling motor or 2hp outboard. 34lb thrust gives about 5mph and it has enough capacity to take a family and picnic gear. Or two or three adults with camping gear.
  • Beth Sailing Canoe – my first design to capture the elegance of classic sailing canoes from the 1880s with modern performance… but easy to build. For experienced sailors only.
  • Drop in sailing rig – A 35sq ft sail with attached leeboard for good sailing performance and it is all one piece and can be removed from the boat in seconds. Fit almost any canoe.
  • Drop in Amas/Outriggers – Good for fishing or diving stability or to make sailing with a larger sail possible. Fit almost any canoe and can carry a sail.

For more information on the designs in the videos or to find out about plans visit the Storerboats plans page.

This is a playlist showing over 40 videos. They have been ranked for most informative ones first.

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