Olivier’s Videos of his GIS in Florida. “Watch the Goat Go”

Some time ago I received this pic of the GIS that Olivier Chamel is building in Florida.

Anyway, I was showing some of the PDR and GIS video clips to someone today and noticed that there are some mysterious new videos on youtube.

I just tried to track some details down about Olivier, but it looks like he might be involved in some of the USA distance races.

Someone described him as “a man to whom the word REEF is a four letter word”. This means he either likes sailing fast or likes sailing in shallow water … quite possible around Florida.

This is a link to all Olivier’s Goat Island Skiff Videos for all the others or in case the below does not work

Coming to the dock to pick up the photographer

Sailing on Lake Hall in Tallahassee, FL, as the wind picks up – note how fast the Goat is going and also how it does not pound or pitch going into the (not very big) chop.

More sailing on the lake … good vid of the bow doing its stuff

And a link to all the Goat Island Skiff Videos

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