Can the GIS be Roofracked?

Well, it is light enough, but maybe have a close look at this series of photos from Simon Wein.

Actually the pictures of the boat upside down on the roof makes it look very much like some of the Australian and NZ racing dinghies – like a Cherub or NS14.

That’s my sailing background – so my boats tend to reflect that form. Through a succession of different designs and sailing on a lot of wooden boat designs it gradually dawned on me how to get a lot of the performance of mainstream racing dinghies into a simplified hullform.

It is pretty amazing that this simply built near 16 footer is a similar weight to the high performance, but 14ft long NS14.

Built of the suggested materials the GIS is actually 10lbs lighter.

But the big problem is the bulk of the boat – all that volume translates to external measurements a little large for most cars. Maybe if it is a short distance to the water or you have a van like Simon it might be practical enough.

From Simon:

Pictures …

View on the middle of Yarra and also of the boat on the car – gives a good view of the lovely lines of the boat.

And building in the front garden – the bright light in the background was a portable downlight that we used for heating the epoxy – we did not build a light box in the end

Overall an enormous pleasure doing this – challenges the brain so differently from day to day activities



I asked Simon whether I could use the photos for my nefarious marketing activities

A couple of days later …

With pleasure – I am going to paint it this weekend – methinks white or marine blue.

You may also mention – that I had no boat building experience nor any real woodwork experience but with the plans (improved now!) and you available for questions that it can be done.


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