Article in Small Craft Advisor about the GIS

It was a huge co-incidence actually.

I had been speaking to a couple of people about good magazines in the USA to advertise in. They both said “Small Craft Advisor“.

So I emailed them.

I received a reply saying that as my email arrived they had been looking at one of my web postings about the GIS. They were interested in how something so simple could sail so well.

Anyway they asked me if I would like to write an article about the boat. I was very happy to oblige.

The article talks about how and why Australia and NZ stayed with wooden class racing boats considerably longer than most of the rest of the world and how our wooden boat tradition has been strongly informed by those years of extra development. Our boats are lighter than most Northern Hemisphere boats by a large margin – this is despite our stronger winds on average and rough waters.

Also it talks about how there is an idea that “compromise” is essential to boat design.

I think that is rubbish – it is an excuse for poor design – a boat should be MUCH better than you expect – easier to build and sailing it should cover distance in any reasonable conditions effortlessly.

One of the editors liked the boat so much he bought a set of plans.

The magazine has been out for a few weeks already.

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2 thoughts on “Article in Small Craft Advisor about the GIS

  1. Nature Nut /JJ Loch says:

    Very Cool! Life has a plan. 😀

    My husband is building a wooden kayak now and enjoying his time working on it. He also is a woodcrafter.

    JJ 😀

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