Big Update to the Boatbuilding and Epoxy FAQ (includes some canoe stuff – design and construction)


Just spent a good three hours whipping up another 14 pages for my website.

Mostly additions to my epoxy, boatbuilding and boat design FAQ

Topics covered are:

Efficient Restoration an older racing boat/sailing dinghy

Are 1 to 1 (1:1) Epoxys any good for boatbuilding

A lightbox to keep epoxy warm so it spreads easily and pumps well in cold

Torture Boards – how to get cedar strip planking smooth

Joining Deck Plywood – a bad method and the proper method

Lightweight timber for lightweight boats – Paulownia (Kirri)

Crimes against boatbuilding and boat design – is it OK to shrink or extend a
boat design – and a case study very close to home

Building cedar strip boats strong enough to take impact – canoes and sea kayaks
and beach landings

Canoe Design features of plywood, strip planked, fibreglass canoes and sailing and paddling canoes

USL Code for finding sizes of timber parts of older boats

Selecting timbers to build a canoe in Australia. Paulownia, Jarrah, Cedar – good
or bad

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