Michael Storer at the Wooden Boat Show, Mystic Seaport, USA 24-26 June. Quick Canoe Electric kit

I am going to be a part of is the family boatbuilding event at The WoodenBoat Show held June 24-26 at Mystic Seaport.

Wooden Boat Show – see link at top to Family Boatbuilding

Woodenboat family boatbuilding - Storer Electric canoe

The event is held yearly and families are involved in building a range of boats from different designers.   I am participating in running a class to build the Quick Canoe Electric version using kits sold by Duckworks and J.O. Woodworks.

Build a Quick Canoe Electric with Woodenboat and Michael Storer June 2011

The boat takes a standard trolling motor and works very nicely giving speeds of 5 to 7 mph with a good range.

Quick Electric Canoe in plywood.  Light and cheap

Details about the costs are on the Duckworks website

We are all pretty excited.

A nice bonus is a number of storerboats will be coming.  It looks like a couple of Goat Island Skiffs will be in the “I built it myself” display.  If you have built one of my designs and wish to participate or attend please have a look at the Woodenboat website for the event.

For up to date info on who is attending you can check my forum thread on the Family Boatbuilding and Woodenboat show at Mystic Seaport

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