Sailboats and canoe hire on the Murray Lakes – an hour from Adelaide.

The lower Murray River is a great cruising ground for small boats. I think much nicer than sailing off the Adelaide Coast, which is the other option here.

Sailboat and Canoe Hire for Murray River Lakes - near Adelaide

Anyway, my old friends, Rob and Jane Hylton, who run a hire business for small boats out of Clayton on the lower Murray River. Canoes, rowboats and small sailing boats.

They operate out of the small river town of Clayton around an hour out of Adelaide.

He runs good sailing classes too and some unusual lessons like group lessons involving a picnic or lessons while being introduced to the lower river on a cruise.

Clayton Caravan Park on the Murray River - waterfront ideal for boating - Near Adelaide

The boats are linked to staying overnight in Clayton as the hire is for 24 hours from the evening before to the end of the following day and is quite cheap compared to many others. The idea is you can get out on the lakes when the wildlife and atmosphere is at its best – early morning but of course you can keep sailing or canoeing after that.

Don’t overlook the option of staying there at low season during the colder months – many days are quite beautiful for small boat sailing (rug up though for when you lose the sunlight!)

Some of the hire fleet.  There are some wooden boats available too.

So you have to stay at the Caravan Park (on site vans available or bring your own van or tent).

You do have to demonstrate that you can sail if you want to hire the boat – this usually means a trial sail in front of an instructor – unless you can demonstrate in some other way.

Their website and contact details are here
Sailboat, rowboat and Canoe hire, trips and picnics on the lower Murray River. One hour from Adelaide

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