New RAID41 design on display at Beale Park Watercraft event

The first RAID 41 has been on display at the BEALE PARK boating event in the UK.

That is the one built beautifully by inspired amateur builder Chris Perkins and is being finished off by the owner Brian Pearson. I am not sure how it works but I believe the show is run by Watercraft magazine.

From Brian

Hi Michael

just beginning to recover. It was sooooo cold. with the great weather we had as I completed the varnishing, I only took summer clothes and sleeping bag. Spent two days frozen. Unbelievable change in the weather and a shame for Beale as well.

Friday was about 50 plus year old men who had built a Mirror many years ago, ended up now in the Wayfarer fleet and now had no crew. They could be our main source of customer.

Also meeting some of the thread followers who knew all about RAID41.

It was nice that the Chebacco builder had just ordered Beth plans, I think from the UK agent. The highlight was Kathy Mansfield, Water Crafts main photographer,

saying she had been photographing the Goat at Sail Caledonia, great news, and that she preferred RAID41! She commented how elegant RAID41 was. Made my show to be honest. Someone with such an eye saying such a lovely thing. She took lots of pics of RAID41.

Saturday was all about Goat all day long. Having a cup of tea, the people sat next to me under the umbrella keeping out of the rain, had just be to the Morbihan and there was a brand new black Goat launched there. UK boat.

Then the builder, with the school kids, of the King Alfred’s three Ed Burnett boats, 17′ three masted dayboats, who lives nearby in Southampton said he had just bought the plans for Goat and had sailed the Goat at Caledonia but conditions were too fluky to learn much. He mentioned that in his opinion Goat was the fastest sailing boat in the fleet, and that they did not seem keen on rowing so could not judge her rowing ability. the Goat was a Dutch boat.

Then at the end of the day a stand holder came to see me. Started his build late Feb and not far from completion. Complained about the weight! Said the claim was 60kg and she must be 100kg. Since my RAID41 is 60kg almost with varnish, with Goat what do you currently expect Goat’s weight? Also complained about some dimensions, which seemed odd seeing how long the plans have been out. I asked him to e-mail you about the issues and said you would be sure to reply promptly. He really like the boat though, and admitted 100kg is not that bad for a 16′ dinghy. He used all prescribed materials cedar, correct ply etc. Sails from Arun Sails in Sussex. He must have bought the plans a while back, after the GD article because he had struggled with where to buy them because there was no UK agent at the time as far as he knew.

Sunday was a waste really. More a family day out. Just one lovely old sailor who raced OK’s and Finns in his youth and really liked RAID41. Lovely chap. So just enjoyed the nicer weather and ambiance with a reggae band playing softly all day in the background.

In summary, your Grand Design article on Goat a few years ago is now paying back with Goat becoming much better known in the UK, so RAID41 might also be coming along nicely in a couple of years. Beale can only have helped that process.


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