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This is the beginning of a StorerBoats WIKI.

List of existing topics in the column to the right.

You can help the wiki grow…

Goat Island Skiff being sailed by Michael Storer.  Paulownia timber means this 16ft hull is 105lbs

You can participate simply by sending me your email address and preferred username and  I will add you to the list of approved editors and the site will send you an email with your username and a temporary password.

There is so much useful information up on the net and this is a chance to contribute or share information you have written or found from other storerboat builders.

Web page content including forums, emails and even facebook material can be copied and pasted straight in if you select the “visual” tab just above the text area before you paste.  Content should be taken from different storerboats sources (forum, facebook, posts on Duckworks etc) or with permission to share from the author.


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