Sails and spars

Sails are available from these sources

Goat Island Skiff

Duckworks – Custom sails for all storer boats

RSS sails – Inexpensive but Good sailmaker in the Philippines to develop (in conjunction with Michael Storer) and make stock balance lug sails for the Goat Island Skiff and OzRacer/OzGoose and Ocean Explorer. Available ex-stock from Duckworks

Sailrite – make completed sails and also kits for you to complete.  They have stock designs for a simple crosscut Goat Island Skiff sail and a cool and funky radial cut sail

MacNamara UK – Mike has put in time to develop a very nice sail

Doyle – Make an excellent radial cut Goat Island Skiff sail.  The boom can be a little low though so we recommend ordering one that conforms with the suggested dimensions, or you could always build your mast six inches longer!

OzRacer, OzGoose, PDR 89sqft and Perttu Korhonen’s Ocean Explorer

The plans for all these boats have information on making a sail from polytarp yourself.  This is inexpensive and reasonably durable.  It is also nice to remove the mystique of sailmaking so that you can consider doing your own repairs and modifications.

RSS – makes a 4oz dacron sail with two reef points for the above boats.  It is about half the price of a custom sailmaker sail.


Please add others to this page as we find more.



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