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Foiling – Forefront vs Fakes

The Moth Dinghy developed foiling to near perfection through two decades of information sharing and weekly racing amongst an international group of backyard tinkerers. The Moth will lift up in 4 knots of wind, once up it can sustain flight in two knots. Meanwhile the America’s Cup boats cancel racing in 10 knots of wind because they know their boats are boring below that speed. This also means the America’s Cup boats cannot really improve foiling performance to be full range. Weekly racing in all conditions is the key.
chines or round bilge most efficient ns14 -

Chines vs Round bilge – Is there evidence of superiority?

Traditionally we were all told that chines were draggy, induced vortices and were slow. But in restricted dinghy classes where different hull designs are allowed chines predominate. And now chines are appearing on yachts as well. Sailors seem to be voting with their feet. Is there evidence?