Types of tea

  1. Jasmine Green Tea

    Jasmine green tea is the most famous green tea in China. It is light fermented with fresh Jasmine petals. It brews into a vivid honey green with a light golden colour. When sipped, sweet smelling flowers surrounded by elegant tea aroma brings you a refreshing taste. A common tea to drink when friends are enjoying dinner at your house.

  2. Oolong Tea

    The famous Taiwan's oolong tea is light fermented then covered with a cloth and rolled by a special machine (rolling process). The hand picked tea tip is now a half ball shape with bright verdant colour. When brewed, it becomes a honey yellow colour with sweet, rich and refreshing aroma. It has a graceful and mellow taste. If the oolong tea is fermented lightly the tea will also be light. If fermented heavily it will have a strong flavour. This is a very special tea with a special character - its flavour and aroma are completely different from the English style "Formosa Oolong". On tasting a high quality Oolong for the first time many Western people are surprised at the rich flavour and distinct character.

  3. High Mountain Tea

    In Taiwan, if oolong tea is grown on a mountain over 1000 meters elevation, we will call it High Mountain Tea. Because of the mountain's elevation temperature is cold in the mornings and warm and clear during the days. This misty weather offers a wonderful growing environment for our tea. The tea from high mountain area has a very clear and fresh flavour. When brewed the luscious smooth mellow taste surrounded by elegant aroma. It is so popular between tea lovers.

  4. Jin Xuan Oolong Tea

    Jin Xuan, also named Formosa Tea No. twelve, it was first created in 1981. It is light fermented and light baked oolong tea. Because it special smooth, sweet and natural light creamy taste, it becomes one of the most popular oolong teas.

  5. Dong Ding Oolong Tea

    Taiwan's most well-known oolong tea is Dong Ding. It is also rolled by machine (rolling process) giving it the appearance of a tight half ball. The dry tealeaf possesses a dark green colour. When brewed, it becomes a glossy golden colour with rich, luscious and smooth taste witch can last for a long time in your mouth. It is a specialty of Taiwan, which combines rich aroma and great taste.