The way to pack and store tealeaves

Theoretically, tealeaf is dried foodstuff so it can be stored for long periods. However it has a special taste. The fragrance part of the tea is very sensitive and unstable and if not cared for carefully it can lose its fragrance or oxidise further so its quality diminishes over time. In Ancient China there were five taboos that will spoil tea's quality. Leave the tea in the original package and when the seal is broken keep the package in a tin or jar:

  1. Avoid moisture:
    The tea has been dried in manufacture to a perfect 3~5%. If it is kept in an airtight jar this moisture level will be retained.

  2. Avoid air:
    Tealeaf easily oxidizes reducing the level of antioxidants - keep in an airtight jar.

  3. Avoid bad smells:
    The delicate tea fragrance can be overpowered easily - keep in an airtight jar.

  4. Avoid sunlight:
    the energy and heat of sunlight can destroy the tealeaf's quality. Store tealeaf in a cool dry place to keep it in a good condition. Opaque containers are best.

  5. To avoid high temperature:
    increase the temperature and the fragrance is lost into the air. Also the leaf will oxidise more. Keep the tea in a cool cupboard. Or conserve the tea into the refrigerator is also recommended.

We supply our tea vacuum packed in sealed opaque envelopes. This protects the tea very effectively from the 5 taboos if you keep it in a cool place until opened. After opening keep it in a tea tin with a seal at the top (or use plastic cling wrap over the top before you put the lid on).

Generally, after opening tea container please enjoy it within one month to appreciate its fresh flavour and fragrance. With care it can last much longer. Buy the right sized packages to match your pattern of use.