Welcome to Thea Tea Shop

Welcome to Thea Teashop. Our shop is a busy cafe/teashop near the city centre of Adelaide Australia.

Our feeling is that it is such a nice thing to sit down in a pleasant place and eat nice food and drink nice tea with good friends - we enjoy this a lot - so it became the basis of our business 6 years ago.

Understanding food and especially tea in a deep way is how to get the greatest enjoyment. So this is the purpose of this website. If you want to understand more about Green Tea, White Tea and Oolong (Wulong) tea this site will gradually grow to provide you with more and more information on how to understand quality, how to make tea to preserve the personality of individual teas, how to serve tea in the traditional way.

Slowly we will also start to show you how the tea is grown and processed to give each tea its own character - GuanYin tea, Pu-er tea, Dong Ding Oolong, White tea and many other will eventually have a place in these pages.

Thea Cafe

Thea was one of the first cafes introducing Taiwan style vegetarian food and tea in Adelaide and maybe Australia.

Vegetarian food is not all the same. Taiwan has its own style with its own flavours. Many people are not vegetarian come to our cafe because they love the flavours of food made in the Taiwanese style.

Chinese food is not just one style. Every area of China has food with distinctive flavours and colours and smells - and Taiwan food is quite different - perhaps a bit simpler, perhaps some Japanese influence toward lighter more natural flavours. You can read a bit more about the food here.

Thea Taiwanese Specialty Teas

In Taiwan there is an art of blending green and black tea with fruit juices and other natural flavours to make delicious cold and hot teas.

Some of the favourites are Lemon Green Tea or Mango Green Tea but there are many other blends created by Bryan. Light refreshing drinks to have while you eat or as take away. You can read about them on "Our Cafe" page.

Taiwanese Traditional Tea

Taiwan has a tradtion of creating carefully grown and prepared traditional tea. Australians are slowly becoming familiar with Oolong (sometimes written Wulong), Green and White Teas.

Thea is now starting to sell high quality traditional tea starting with a small group of Wulong teas that we have imported from individual tea growers in Taiwan.

There is a lot of information on this website is to tell people about the many styles and types of chinese tea, how to make the tea, how to store it, how to judge the quality

We are very careful to select the best teas for the price range as well as store and vacuum package them carefully to preserve the wonderful flavours and fragrances

You can also sample the traditional teas in our shop or even sit with our father Mr Chen who makes tea the traditional way in the tearoom downstairs at certain times or by booking here.