Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans

Videos of the Goat Island Skiff, the PDRacer Sailing Boat and the Eureka Canoe.

Sailing and Canoeing Videos taken in Mooloolaba, Queensland.

As happens most years I spent part of January 2008 staying with my friends Peter and Jo Hyndman.  Not only do they have a serious menagerie of Storerboats (2 PDRs, 1 GIS, 1 Eureka Canoe and the new Rowboat on the way) but we had a BBQ and invited other storerboat builders along for some sailing, chat and food.

The couple of days after that were spent by Peter getting the hang of some basic Video software including processing some we had taken previously - and here are the results.

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The launching of PhilW's Eureka Canoe - three PD Racers, including Steve Wagstaff's one week old boat, and the Goat Island Skiff. - January 2008

Eureka Canoe built by PhilW in the water for the first time.

Eureka Canoe - as confidence grows a bit more speed - and everyone wants to go out - the paddles are not quite long enough but Phil is making wooden ones (Give the guy a break - he was varnishing hours before!)

Goat Island Skiff with three aboard - good speed and handling.  The conditions were a bit puffy at times, but one experienced sailor can take a couple of beginning sailors out with no trouble.

PDRacer - Sailing the boats with the revised mast - much better!  Good gust response and not even looking like breaking.  We have had them out in up to 25 knots.

PDRacer - Learning to Sail - Two men who have not sailed before (actually one had sailed catamarans a couple of times) took the PDR out for an hour and wandered around the river.  The only defect is that the fellow in the front is sitting a little too far forward so the bow is plowing a bit.   This is Steve's one week old Orange PDR.

PDRacer - A more instructional capsize video showing the proper way to get no water in the boat and how little effort it is to get upright.

Stronger wind  - More SPEED! Footage of the Goat Island Skiff with me single handed going for speed (in very little space!) - planing - February 2007

Goat Island Skiff - The GIS showing its paces.  A traditional boat with modern performance.  It goes upwind fast too.  I was trying to see how fast I could go in the confined space of the river.  If I had been cruising a second person would give a lot more stability (or I could have reefed).

The launching of our original two PDRacers, Queensland - March 2006.

PDRacers - The Launch - we didn't know how these boxboats would go.

PDRacers - They went very nicely in light winds, quick to turn and accelerated well when the sail was trimmed

PDRacer - We needed to check that recovery from capsize would be OK.  I tried the wrong method first - then it was easy. A surprise was the boat came up without any water inside.

PDRacer - CRASH AND BURN - there was a bit more wind for a bit more speed and a capsize - we redesigned the masts after this!!!

PDRacer - But still had time to sail away in the sunset in the spare boat.

Local Adelaide Sailing of PDRacers - 2008.

Short Clip Showing speed comparison between the PDRacer and a modified Nutshell Pram.  The OZ type  PDRacer has been biased strongly toward sailing performance though you can row or motor it quite well.

The obvious thing is the PDR has more sail - but it also has other efficiencies such as a good centreboard/rudder shape and efficient sail/mast interaction and great stability that give it great performance in strong winds too.

Other pics of local sailing events are here. (with emphasis on trailers - people were asking) and here at an event a couple of hundred miles up the road.

Michael Storer Boat Design Wooden Boat Plans

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