Three OzRacers (formerly Oz PDRacers) being built at Duck Flat continued

[Translate] Well, I’ve just had a big day up at Duck Flat Wooden Boats doing some work on the 3 PDRacers they are building for the nationals at Goolwa in March. I’m not the only person working on them. Robin Badenoch has been in and more or less finished the masts and is on his […]

Detailed construction photos for OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer) sailboat

[Translate] At the moment I am in Sydney for a couple of weeks. Not a lot of boating stuff happening apart from work I’m doing on developing a lighter mast and tabernacle (so the mast will swing up into position easily) for a San Francisco Bay Pelican. But the main point of this post is […]

International Star Class revisited

I wrote this because the Star Class is one of my all time favourite boats. Crazy, fast, wonderful. Would it be possible to homebuild a simplified construction boat in plywood and cedar strip and still hit a similar weight and stiffness as competitive boats, but at a much lower cost?

118th PD Racer is OZ

[Translate] No Story about the DuckFlat Spring School is complete without a bit of a spiel about the first of the Mk2 OZ PDRacers being built. It was only one among the 12 different projects – but, hey, it is MY Design!!! (My other designs can be seen by clicking the links in the left […]

Back from the Duck Flat Summer School

[Translate] I was asked by the people at Duck Flat Wooden Boats whether I would be interested in teaching at their Spring School. It is their first one for a few years and has the purpose of “getting people excited about boatbuilding”. I must admit that was pretty well how it went. 12 different projects […]