GIS – Traditional good looks excellent sailing performance

[Translate] I’ve been up in Mooloolaba Queensland for around a week now doing some planning and groundwork for the PDRacer – a small cheap sailing boat that is easy to build. But that is not the focus of this blog entry. I’m staying with Peter and Jo Hyndman – Peter built the first Goat Island […]

Wooden Boat Building – 10 day Autumn Class

[Translate] Duck Flat Wooden Boats in conjunction with Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans will be running a 10 day boat building Autumn School. April 16 to 26th at Goolwa on the Murray River – Adelaide Australia. This image is from the class in October last year. For people who have never built anything before […]

Is it OK to Stretch or Shrink an Existing Boat Design?

[Translate] A bit of a hobbyhorse here. The picture right is of my Goat Island Skiff (GIS) design. A nice, quick sailing, spacious, but easy to build sailing skiff. People tend to think it looks pretty nice too. A fellow who built one of the GISs wanted to shrink the boat because of limited building […]

Big Update to the Boatbuilding and Epoxy FAQ (includes some canoe stuff – design and construction)

[Translate] Yep, Just spent a good three hours whipping up another 14 pages for my website. Mostly additions to my epoxy, boatbuilding and boat design FAQ Topics covered are: Efficient Restoration an older racing boat/sailing dinghy Are 1 to 1 (1:1) Epoxys any good for boatbuilding A lightbox to keep epoxy warm so it spreads […]

Using Fibreglass and Epoxy – the fiberglassing method

[Translate] Howdy, I have just updated my FAQ with some “How To” sections on different methods of using fiberglass. Storerboatplans FAQ It covers the different methods for small areas and large areas and also a method for getting glass to lie flat over complex curved surfaces. There are good photos for some of the sections […]