Nicely set up balance lug rig photos.

[Translate] Any reasonable sailor can look at the pics to the right and see that this rig is doing all the right things. The twist is controlled, the sheeting angles are relatively narrow and the boat is moving along nicely in a light wind and a leftover chop. This is what I mean when I […]

Traditional rigs can GO! Lugs and Sprits

[Translate] Below is a video of a Lateen Rig on a large yacht going like a rocket. They start with their sails down and hoist at the gun. These boats really go as the video below shows. It was filmed in Dubai, so I suspect that it probably doesn’t qualify as a low cost rig – […]

Kirribilli – historic 5.5 metre yacht starts restoration.

[Translate] Duckflat have started work on Kirribilli for a consortium of owners. Keel is off – boat is upside down – hull is half stripped and half splined – starboard side. I’m assisting with the technical side. If the end result is as nice as the work Duck Flat and I did on our last […]

Another Eureka Canoe Launched

[Translate] Another Eureka has been launched – this one by Peter McKenzie. He is quite happy about the way the boat goes both light and loaded. Also there are some nice pictures of the boat in action – I suspect that most people get a bit carried away at just how nice the boat looks […]

Photos of paddles made from my free plans

[Translate] I may have designed these paddles about 15 years ago but now I have the first photos. The paddle plans used to cost $45 but they have been free for a couple of years now. They are very detailed with step by step instructions on all aspects of the building. There is a plan […]

More Launchings – Stephen’s Goat Island Skiff

[Translate] It is always nice to hear that another boat has hit the water. Stephen built the boat part time over 10 months and he seems quite happy with the first sail. The maiden sail was fantastic, this skiff was far better than I had ever imagined and the lightest boat I have ever sailed, […]