Is the Northern Winter is the same as Surgery

[Translate] Think of all the wonderful websites that come into existence in places like Finland and Norway. Not to mention Canada and Alaska. The winters are so harsh that indoor entertainment has to be found – or go CRAZY!! My compadre Peter Hyndman has been unable to do anything physical for the last month because […]

Great New Website 2 – Eureka Canoe Building pics – launch videos

[Translate] Peter Hyndman has been boiling down the essence of the Eureka Canoe he has been building. So a great new website that runs through all the processes of building in a step by step way including pictures and description of each step. It also has a link to the videos from our recent picnic […]

NEW Storer Boats Forum

[Translate] Well, I’m excited. One of the biggest woodwork sites in the universe has decided that it is OK for the Storer Boat Plans FORUM to be on their site. This is great because there is already a lot of Storer Stuff about The EUREKA CANOEThe OZ PDRacerThe GOAT ISLAND SKIFFBETH Sailing CanoeThe NEW ROWBOAT […]