Heap of wooden boats being built at the Duckflat Autumn School

[Translate] I am helping with the teaching in a ten day boatbuilding school in Adelaide Australia. 10 boats 12 students – all off to a flying start. Most are from interstate. Varying levels of skill. Most haven’t built a boat before. A couple have woodwork or home renovation skills. I will post more info here […]

Three OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer) Sailboats Launched in Senegal West Africa

[Translate] I was going to put more pictures up here but decided not to. The story is much too good to make a short version valid. In a way it is nothing special – just a family building three little boats – but I think there IS something special. The Story is here with all […]

Second interview up on FurledSails.com

[Translate] The first part was up last week. This week we talk about traditional vs modern sailtypes – everyone knows I am a fan of trad rigs because of their low cost – but here I go into the influences on the other side. I love the efficiency of modern rigs so I use all […]