BETH Sailing Canoe Pictures

[Translate] I was up at Duck Flat a couple of weeks ago and had a bit of a poke around their computer. I found a whole bunch of new images of BETH my sailing canoe – Plan number one! The original BETH was launched about 15 years ago and the BETH Mk2 sailing canoe in […]

Jack is a great name for a Goat!

[Translate] Gerry and Nicola launched their new Goat Island Skiff “Jack of Mudjimba”. They have finished her in gorgeous black which will show off the varnished wood of the interior beautifully. She also has a red “Tanbark” sail. These pics are a bit distant to see the detail, but at least we have some!!! I […]

ORacer (formerly Oz PDRacer( sailboat – first optional lug rig launched

[Translate] Just got an email from Dan Taylor in Washington State, USA. He is the first to provide pics of the OZ PDR with the lug rig option. The sail looks very nice indeed and the light wind and a perfect sunny day were the other necessary ingredients. Here are his email and the pictures […]