The Sexiest OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer)? Do I have to race against that thing!?!

[Translate] A new local (Adelaide) PDRacer has been on its way for a few months now and is getting very close to being ready. The picture right is what it looked like a few weeks ago. however things have changed. You can click on the pic for a closer look Mike wrote: Bit more progress […]

Playing around with a new design

[Translate] It is a long weekend here and I have finally commited some time to developing up a boat that builds on the lessons from the PDRacer. We have seen three PDRacers sail 200 miles along the Texas coast fover an 5 day period and this prompted the discussion about what the lessons were. For […]

Experiment with site advertising. Adsense – Opening windows/closing doors?

[Translate] A bit off-topic but I am interested in what visitors think. First I want to find out what visitors think … I have tried to keep the ads unobtrusive here and on my main website – – you can comment on any of the articles I put up by clicking the comment option […]