Kits in Australia for the Goat Island Skiff

[Translate] Howdy, Lot of background stuff happening over the last few weeks. Duckflat has been developing up a precut kit for the Goat Island Skiff and the Eureka Canoe. Gosh it has been a steep learning curve. Have been back and forth with the cutting people to get things to work correctly. Computer cutters (the […]

Towing a PDRacer behind a larger boat

[Translate] Howdy, Towing behind another boat can be one of the highest loads that a small dinghy can face. Imagine if it fills with water and the mother ship is surging ahead in bad weather. So how to distribute the load into a lightweight skinned structure like the OZ PDR. OK … here is how. […]


XXXX is a beer from Queensland. They decided to have a promotion based on home boatbuilding a few years back. This page was my attempt to capture some of the interest. The problems was … the promotion wasn’t very interesting. I think one bunch of blokes built one boat. It is on youtube I think.

New Beth Sailing Canoe Video

[Translate] Howdy, Beth Sailing Canoe Jan in Denmark found something interesting. Hi everyone After reading this forum for a couple of days, I realised I needed to register, fast. Lots of fantastic advice here, both from Boatmik and the rest of you. I am impressed. A few words about me: I have dubbed myself “the […]