Slight Changes for Eureka Assembly

[Translate] Did you see the slightly modified assembly method we are using now? Just makes the stitching process a bit more controllable. I have some pics of the Eurekas going together in the current Duckflat Autumn school. Which shows how strange the first three panels are when stitched loosely … nothing like a boat … […]

Duckflat Wooden Boats Boatbuilding School Autumn 2009.

[Translate] We are 5 days in. the first pics show an empty area .. after day 6 now … we have boats everywhere. There is one GIS, two Eureka Canoes, an Oughtred Tamie Norrie, a Granny Pram and a stretched Fulmar, a rowing shell restoration and a Bolger diablo powerboat (pic below) More details later. […]

Sailing at Goolwa with AJ, Andrea, Ted, Mike, Mike and Mike Pt1

[Translate] But here is the set calledGoolwa, sailing with AJ, Andrea, Ted, Mike, Mike and Mike First a mood Photo from the Murray Mouth where Ted’s shack is. OK Saturday about 10am Rigging The three Ducks … one with the lug rig … in light winds it was the fastest by a long way. It […]