Michael Storer’s shoestring tour of the USA

[Translate] The PDRacer community and Duckworks have grouped together to collect small amounts of money to put together to bring me to the USA to go to various “messabouts” (messing around in boat weekends) as well as the Intergalactic Championships of the PDRacers in Georgia in October. Duckworks is collecting and managing the contributions.http://www.duckworksbbs.com/boatmik.htm The […]

Stretched version of the Ozracer (formerly Oz PDR) – the 12ft PDGoose

[Translate] The PDRacer international forum (a wonderful resource now sadly deleted) started discussing a longer version of the humble PDRacer – and I had some drawings on hand already for a 12ft version because of Bob Alston. He actually thought up the name, which I quite like. We really do recommend the OZ PDRacer for […]