Announcing Michael’s talk in Portland, Maine

Invitation to a Talk by Boat Designer Michael Storer At Clint Chase Boatbuilder, 25 Deblois Street, Portland, Maine Sunday Nov 1st @ 11am-1pm, Bring Boats and Questions After some food and chat, Michael will talk to us about making our boats better…

I have been so far behind writing here …

[Translate] It has been a hugely busy trip. I think I take too many photos. Sorting them and keeping them all updated has been a never ending task. When I went to MoMA I took about 300 pictures, at Mystic Seaport 700, at the Kennedy Space Centre about 700 as well. I then have to […]

A review of the Goat Island Skiff from Mike McNamara of McNamara Sails UK

Ralph Gersson in Holland got a very nice mail from Michael McNamara from mcNamara sails UK. He made a nice sail for Richard Harvey’s GIS “Blanche” and Ralph has decided to order. Michael, a racing sailor with a lot of background talks about the experience of sailing the Goat Island Skiff.

The Paddling on the Colorado River continues.

More paddling on Lake Powell, Utah, part of the Colorado River. Remember that I am not a real Canoeist. I have paddled quite a range of different boats at some time or another, I do know basic strokes, I have used canoes to do several day tours (Noosa River, Hawkesbury River) but this trip was to much more remote areas. Closest towns 50 or so kilometres away, we were likely to be pretty well the only people on that area of water after the weekend, we had to carry everything including food as there are no shops.

USA Day 14.5 to 16 – The fleet gathers and heads up Lake Powell and the Colorado River

[Translate] I have already put extensive comments on my flickr gallery. So let’s introduce the participants and the boats!  They gathered in the afternoon. People as far away as Texas, California and Australia (me).  Not a huge number, this cruise works well with up to around 12 to 15 boats.  A huge thanks to […]

USA Day 14 – Walk up a Slot Canyon in the Colorado River Canyon

[Translate] Well after a chatty night around the fire and a feast (killer broccolli salad, Michelle and Mike not to mention about 5 other dishes contributed by others) we all headed to bed and this is what I saw out of the tent door in the morning. I am sleeping on rock (using an air […]

USA Day 13 – Salt Lake City to Lake Powell

[Translate] Well … this is the section where I leave Oregon and go to Utah to paddle a canoe on Lake Powell .. a dammed in section of the Colorado River. This is the travelling bit … where I meet new friends and old internet friends. Thanks particularly from the people in Salt Lake City, […]