What is “lead” in sailboat design. Joe self designs a rig and finds something interesting.

Joe sent me a question about why his self designed sailing rig for my Electric Quick Canoe design works better if he moves the leeboard forward of the theoretical point for a balanced helm. He has stumbled upon a nice observation of a design element called “lead” (I lead you … not the metal Lead). I explain

“Planing” is Bunkum – Myths about Planing, Displacement and semi Planing

It always bugged me about how people said that some powerboats and fast sailing dinghies would “plane” to reach high speed. But multihulls reach higher speed, but they “don’t plane”. It’s illogical to have two different explanations. Also how a classical “displacement hull” go much faster on an ocean wave. Theory says it has a speed limit no matter the power you throw in. I worked out a reasonable explanation for all this but it shows “planing” does not exist.

Correction to OzRacer RV plans – Transom widths – an easy fix at any stage.

A correction to the OzRacer RV plans. There was a small discrepancy in the corners of the boat which can be filled. Or if the panels are not cut yet they can be corrected so no filling is required. Apologies to all affected – I do my best but sometimes something sneaks through. Thanks Ryan for the building feedback.