A canal and river boat for Venice

The smaller 23ft Dayboat/Launch was expanded to make the 27ft Venezia Riverboat to create more space.  And it is more portable than the 35ft Riverboat.

Pierangelo contacted me earlier this year.  He liked the strong aesthetics of my dayboat design – below, but wanted more space.

Plywood Dayboat Launch plan.  Riverboat and Canalboat.

He was attracted by the look and simple construction of my 23ft Dayboat/Launch Design but wanted something a bit more “live aboard”.

He contributed a sketch of what he wanted and it looked quite sensible (right).

When I say “sensible” I mean that the boat has a chance of having a quite wide appeal to lots of different people. This makes a big difference as to whether I think it is worth my time to develop the boat or not.

If a plan has a wide appeal I am happy to charge around the price of the normal stock plan which is a small proportion of the cost to develop the full instructions – and I can recoup the cost of development over a larger number of plan sales

If a boat has limited appeal then then the customer would be up for the complete development cost of the plan and materials – in effect a custom boat.

An additional fillip is that to have a boat being built to be used in Venice is a very useful marketing tool!!!

The design is derived from my slightly shorter Dayboat/Launch.

Not only does the new boat have more room at very little extra cost but it will have better rough water handling. Not that these boats are meant to be taken offshore – their natural environments are rivers and calmer days on lakes.

The fine bow will cut any chop nicely and the boat will cover distance without bouncing around – providing she spans two or three waves within her length. But if the seas are big enough for the boat to climb up the faces and drop down the backs of the waves she will break – it would be a foolish person who had her out on such a day.

But in calmer waters she will be a quick, efficient and economical boat – and a bit faster and more comfortable than a gondola!

The plans have been set up to be right for someone with some general woodworking experience or a small amount of previous boatbuilding experience

You can see full information including prices on my website plans page.