First Goat Island Skiff Kit sold in the USA

Goat Island Skiff plan info

Clinton Chase in Portland Maine has just delivered a precut kit for the Goat Island Skiff to John in Texas who is building the boat.

From John:

I flipped the foils over to glass the tips tonight. I have put 7oz & 4oz glass on both the rudder and dagger board tips because of oyster reefs we have around here. Sanded and epoxied the rudder and centerboard plywood. Trying the precoat method with the oven paper to see how it works on these small parts.

The precut plywood kit for the Goat Island Skiff coming out of the box.

My kids finished the dry fit on bulkhead #4. It took my son 3 tries to cut the sidearms the correct length. So now we have 4 short side arms to use somewhere. Took my daughter 2 tries to get the seat cleat the correct length. They are both getting the hang of using the Japanese pull saw and a metric tape measure. It is their preferred saw now and the metric system is proving easier for them to measure as long as they don’t try to convert it into fractions. I like the saw because it is accurate and very quiet.

Putting framing on the precut plywood boat kit

Marked out the sidearms for bulkhead #2, but will cut later.

The Contact pages are

Clinton Chase for the kits – though he can help with plans too

My Website for the Info about the Boat

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