Announcing Michael’s talk in Portland, Maine

Invitation to a Talk by Boat Designer Michael Storer At Clint Chase Boatbuilder, 25 Deblois Street, Portland, Maine Sunday Nov 1st @ 11am-1pm, Bring Boats and Questions After some food and chat, Michael will talk to us about making our boats better…

AlexN’s wonderful description of building a OzRacer (formerly Oz PDR) and heaps of other stuff.

[Translate] It is the first boat he has built and Alex is not necessarily taking the quickest way. But he is reporting daily about his building and his ruminations on different subjects. It is a very popular boatbuilding item on the OZ woodwork forum. There have been around 13000 views of his thread already and […]

OzRacer (formerly OZ PDRacer) launched in Slovenia

[Translate] From Koala in Slovenia! He launched his green PDR onto a local river and invited fellow PDR builder Theodor to the launch. Neither of them has sailed before … and they had a great time. Well, we had a launch day on monday!! Beautiful weather, nice wind at first. And it was great. Theodor […]


XXXX is a beer from Queensland. They decided to have a promotion based on home boatbuilding a few years back. This page was my attempt to capture some of the interest. The problems was … the promotion wasn’t very interesting. I think one bunch of blokes built one boat. It is on youtube I think.

Olivier’s Videos of his GIS in Florida. “Watch the Goat Go”

[Translate] Some time ago I received this pic of the GIS that Olivier Chamel is building in Florida. Anyway, I was showing some of the PDR and GIS video clips to someone today and noticed that there are some mysterious new videos on youtube. I just tried to track some details down about Olivier, but […]

Q&A – Are 1 to 1 (1:1) epoxy mixes OK for boatbuilding?

[Translate] Most quality boatbuilding epoxy manufacturers have a structural boatbuilding product. They normally are “high solids” boatbuilding epoxies that have uneven resin to hardener ratios (2:1, 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1) which you have to add powder to make a glue or filleting mix The same companies often produce pregelled products that are mixed in a […]

Redesigning and restoration of a Murray River Cruising Boat

[Translate] Chris came to Duck Flat Wooden Boats with plans to fix up an old riverboat hull he had bought. Duck Flat contacted me for some help I helped go over the boat and work out how much it had deteriorated. Basically everything above decks was in poor condition but the inside of the hull […]