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WIKI for setting up and tuning Lug and Sprit Rigs

The conservative viewpoint is that traditional rigs are not very efficient. However allied to efficient hulls and set up correctly, lug and sprit rigs can be very efficient indeed – not too much slower than “modern” rigs, particularly when the same lessons are applied to trad sails and way cheaper.This is a WIKI drawn from the group on the Storerboats forum discussions on setting up lug and sprit rigs for best performance building on the information in my webpage.

Goat Island Skiff Launching 3 – John’s CNC yawl version in Texas

John in Texas built his Goat Island Skiff from a kit made by Clinton Chase. They are experimenting with a yawl version of the Goat.They had a launch and a capsize by the dock.The boat is a great lime green. I used to have a lime green NS14 dinghy that I enjoyed so much some of the design input went into the goat.

Goat Island Skiff Launching 2 – Woodeneye in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Bruce in New South Wales, Australia has launched his Goat Island Skiff plywood sailing dinghy at Port Stephens.They had a nice day sailing around but capsized the boat by accident when someone tripped up. Ooops.I am still not sure who is to blame!We are still waiting for launch day pics to be retrieved from the waterlogged camera.

Second prototype RAID41 joins Texas 200 mile race.

[Translate] NOTE – there were significant problems with this design – please read here. From Brian Pearson who is finishing his RAID41 in the UK, he has a rival in the USA!!! Very exciting news!! (you can see I was excited at the time) Right is the second prototype RAID41 “Platypus” which has just joined […]

Gyula Launches his OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer) in Romania

[Translate] Gyula Ferencz (hope I have remembered his family name correctly) has launched the second OZ PDR with the lug sail. The boat sails very nicely and seems to pass the other boat easily. Gyula should be proud. (he does look proud in the close up!) That is one great looking boat!!!! The sail looks […]

OzRacer and PDRacer Sailboat Capsize and Recovery Video

[Translate] We’ve been busy playing with all sorts of things, but have now completed the new PDRacer capsize drill video. Please check this post later in the week, as Michael will provide a full written description of how best to achieve a safe recovery. Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans and Adventures in Boat Design, Restoration […]

Slideshows of the GIS Sailing Nicely

[Translate] I have just realised what fun the slideshows on Flickr are. I already have photo sequences of the Goat Island Skiff stored there. Can you believe it has taken me this long to have a look! You do need broadband to get the best effect. Strong wind sequence including quite a bit of planing.Goat […]