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2017 Goat Island Skiff Calendar - order now -

2017 Goat Island Skiff Calendar Now available.

[Translate] Every year we do a Calendar of the Goat Island Skiff. This is the cover of the 2017 Calendar 2017 Goat Island Skiff Calendar is UP! Featuring the boats the places, the builders and the sailors. Discount code ZCUSTOMGIFTS may work for a discount until tomorrow midnight. 12 photos voted on by the Goat […]

Is the Northern Winter is the same as Surgery

[Translate] Think of all the wonderful websites that come into existence in places like Finland and Norway. Not to mention Canada and Alaska. The winters are so harsh that indoor entertainment has to be found – or go CRAZY!! My compadre Peter Hyndman has been unable to do anything physical for the last month because […]