Pics of historic Finn sailing

This Finn is owned by OZ wooden Boatbuilder and Designer Ross Lillistone.

The boat was built for the 1956 Olympics and has been restored by Ross.

The photoset of the restored wooden Finn Dinghy are here

This is what Ross says

They are of my wooden 1956 Oympic Finn which I took out for a sail a few weeks ago. She is sporting an alloy mast and a sail from the 1970 Finn Gold Cup in New Zealand.

I was not trying on that day, as you can see from the relaxed hiking mode, and the incorrectly rigged vang – but she still gets along nicely, and I’ve won my share of trophies in a mixed fleet three years ago. They say that if you can still walk after a Finn race, you are not really serious about competing. I can attest to that having had to be helped from the water’s edge on more than one occasion – but, oh what a drug! (don’t look at the telltales in 021.jpg!).

Another article about Finn Dinghies here.

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  1. great pictures. thanks for posting 🙂

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