GIS – Goat Island Skiff planing.

[Translate] DSC_3745.JPG Originally uploaded by boatmik Just wanted to share this pic of Peter Hyndman’s GIS “Gruff” going reasonably quickly. We spent a couple of days trying to get some good action shots. It was a bit tricky because there was only around an 70 metres straight run at the best angle before getting too […]

WATERCRAFT UK Magazine Article on Goat Island Skiff

[Translate] Some months ago I was contacted by Pete Greenfield who is editor for Watercraft magazine in the UK. He wanted an article from me about my favourite boat. At the time I had just returned from a stay at Mooloolaba with my friends Peter and Jo Hyndman who have the Goat Island Skiff that […]

Nicely set up balance lug rig photos.

[Translate] Any reasonable sailor can look at the pics to the right and see that this rig is doing all the right things. The twist is controlled, the sheeting angles are relatively narrow and the boat is moving along nicely in a light wind and a leftover chop. This is what I mean when I […]

Traditional rigs can GO! Lugs and Sprits

[Translate] Below is a video of a Lateen Rig on a large yacht going like a rocket. They start with their sails down and hoist at the gun. These boats really go as the video below shows. It was filmed in Dubai, so I suspect that it probably doesn’t qualify as a low cost rig – […]

Kirribilli – historic 5.5 metre yacht starts restoration.

[Translate] Duckflat have started work on Kirribilli for a consortium of owners. Keel is off – boat is upside down – hull is half stripped and half splined – starboard side. I’m assisting with the technical side. If the end result is as nice as the work Duck Flat and I did on our last […]

Another Eureka Canoe Launched

[Translate] Another Eureka has been launched – this one by Peter McKenzie. He is quite happy about the way the boat goes both light and loaded. Also there are some nice pictures of the boat in action – I suspect that most people get a bit carried away at just how nice the boat looks […]

Photos of paddles made from my free plans

[Translate] I may have designed these paddles about 15 years ago but now I have the first photos. The paddle plans used to cost $45 but they have been free for a couple of years now. They are very detailed with step by step instructions on all aspects of the building. There is a plan […]

More Launchings – Stephen’s Goat Island Skiff

[Translate] It is always nice to hear that another boat has hit the water. Stephen built the boat part time over 10 months and he seems quite happy with the first sail. The maiden sail was fantastic, this skiff was far better than I had ever imagined and the lightest boat I have ever sailed, […]

Another OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer) hits the water #124 “Blu”

[Translate] Rob Badenoch Launched his OZ PDR “BLU” (PDR #124) for the first time last weekend. This is pretty exciting news as Rob was not only one of the volunteers that helped build the three boats at Duck Flat but is a very good sailor. He started sailing in his teens with his brother in […]

Boats at the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show

[Translate] I’ll be on the Boatcraft Pacific/Queensland Wooden Boat Association stand at the “Timber and Working with Wood Show” Brisbane – RNA Showgrounds – Fortitude Valley Friday 20 April through to Sunday 22 April. Info about all the Working with Wood Shows around Australia are here woodshow We will have a couple of PD Racers […]

New Peak Speed Record in PD Racer class held by OzRacer.

[Translate] The world speed record for PDRacers is currently 6.5mph. During the recent South Australian Wooden Boat Festival (pic of three of our five PDRS on the beach right) there was so much wind that many events were cancelled, but Michael Storer had a crack at the speed record for PDRacers. Actually we briefly thought […]

New Photos on Handy Punt page – a basic utility/fishing boat

[Translate] A basic update to the Handy Punt page. A basic utility or fishing punt with good stability, very simple construction and large airtank buoyancy. Stability is so great because of the simple rectangular cross section that it is a safe and easy boat to stand up in. The flat bottom is well braced against […]

Back from the Avalon Air Show 2007

[Translate] Though I am mostly concerned with boats it doesn’t mean I don’t have a strong interest in other fields – specially ones as highly related as aircraft design and performance. I’m just back from the Avalon airshow in Victoria. It’s the biggest airshow in Australia. The highlight for me was watching how all the […]

Redesigning and restoration of a Murray River Cruising Boat

[Translate] Chris came to Duck Flat Wooden Boats with plans to fix up an old riverboat hull he had bought. Duck Flat contacted me for some help I helped go over the boat and work out how much it had deteriorated. Basically everything above decks was in poor condition but the inside of the hull […]

Olympic 5.5 metre yacht "Kirribilli"

[Translate] This is the story as we understand it so far … “Kirribilli” was built for the 1956 Olympics by a consortium from the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and built a few doors down from the club. She is a beautiful 5.5 metre yacht built by Bill Barnett, one of the great Australian boatbuilders from […]

I’ll be at the South Australian Wooden Boat Show

[Translate] I will be on the stand with the Duck Flat Wooden Boats Staff at the SA Wooden Boat Show over three days 10/11/12 March at Goolwa on the Murray River. It is a great boat show and you can find the details from the article immediately below. I will also be attempting to win […]

Tasmanian Wooden Boat Show and the Goolwa Wooden Boat Show

[Translate] Seeing that I am getting the two boats ready for the festival season here is some info about the two major ones. The Australian Wooden Boat Festival – Hobart, Tasmania The Tasmanian Wooden Boat show is definitely bigger but the Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival is much more hands on – as the grassy bit […]