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Boat building and design is a compromise?

We definitely don’t think so.


Beth sailing Canoe - storer boat plans


Goat Island Skiff easy speed texas200 - storer boat plans


Oz Goose Massive Nosedive - storer boat plans

Design = Heart + Mind

Plans follow two main themes

Super Simple

On the Water Fast

Oz Goose sail boat race fleet on Taal Lake.. There is a second fleet in Cebu. - storer boat plans

A little more Woodwork

because some like details

eureka plywood canoe plan. Scarf or butt strap join for plywood boats storerboatplans.com






Our Plans are Second to None

Detail  Step by Step Support


Plan detail storer boat plans

Step by Step

Goat island skiff panels. Minimal building of maximally beautiful boats: storer boat plans


Online help

1 + 1 + 1 = Three types of boats

Each type has different solutions


Goat Island Skiff lug rig setup and tuning: storerboatplans.com


lightweight simple plywood SUP - stand up Paddleboard - storerboatplans.com


DAyboat Launch Picnic boat you can build yourself. 10hp high thrust outboard. Sleep or camp cruiser: storerboatplans.com

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Goat Island Skiffs Across the world - storer boat plans map

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