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  1. Michael,

    I am just finishing a Welsford Houdini cat yawl. I saw a link to your “Sailing unstayed Cat Ketches and Cat Yawls safely and efficiently downwind in strong winds” on the Wooden Boat forum and cannot wait to try the technique when I get my boat it the water. I also saw some other articles on your site that looked very interesting including the piece on buoyancy bags.

    Regards, Bill

  2. vernon potgieter says:

    Hi Michael
    love all your work,Im hoping you can
    help me with a small tri [aGIS for a not so agile sailer]
    Was thinkihg of the electric canoe with suitable outriggers & aBeth like rig.
    I have built a Gary Dierking outrigger, but your hull lines are just something else.
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Vernon,

      There are a couple of other people talking about such a conversion. I think it is a good idea. I have a free supplement for people who buy the outrigger plan with details about a mast and sail.

      Best wishes

  3. DOUG ROGERS says:

    Hi Michael,
    do you have revised measurements for skeg on MSD rowboat.

  4. Hugh Hobson says:

    Hi, I got my daughter to buy me your Quick Canoe plans for my birthday a couple of years ago, from Seawing Boats. Things change and I still have got around to building one yet. However I am now interested in the PD Racer RV as a tender. Seawing’s web site doesn’t seem to be working, can you supply a contact number?

    By the way I have been working on some sketch plans on extending the GS into a small cabin cruiser (18/19′)- interested?

    • Hi Hugh,
      It has been mentioned about stretching the Goat. The Goat works as a concept because it is so light and simple. The more I looked at it, the more I saw that it really requires a very different type of hull. It is at least going to double the weight or more if some ballast is included.

      As far as the RV goes as a tender… I’m not at all sure how it will tow. It might tend to veer from side to side because the bow is so wide compared to other boats.

      I hope I’m not damping your enthusiasm for what are nice boats the way they are. If I didn’t write such detailed plans and instructions I would be able to design more boats to fill these niches!

      Best wishes Michael

  5. Hi Michael more on my trials with ductworks, their email seems to have gone cactus I can’t contact them, has something happened to them? In the meantime can I download the info on foils & mast & spars from your site, by the way are tanbark sails available for the explorer? Mark

  6. Back again just a thought on masts for the Explorer, could I use a windsurfer mast, read your article about a plug at the top to stop the thing filling up but would it bend too much for the lug? Mark

    • Hi Mark,

      Most windsurfer masts will be too flexible and not strong enough. They are held up by the sailor holding the wishbone so the bending loads are about 4ft from the base. Also only the weight of the sailor with no stability component from the boat. So mast will be too bendy as well.

  7. Michael good news the foils & spars PDF has arrived but did not at first appear now it has or at least thats what I think happened. Still interested in your thoughts on the windsurfer mast idea. hear from you soon. Mark

  8. Hi there.
    Why exactly can’t the Ozracer measure as a PDR? Conor

    • Most recent reason we know about because Ian Henehan built to the PDRacer rule but used the construction, foils, spars etc from the OzRacer RV plans.

      When he tried to get a hull number he was told that “an OzRacer never has been a PDRacer”. Despite attempts by a third party and supporter of PDRacers to put the point that it was a class legal boat and that if it turned up to an event then it could be measured anyhow – that view persisted and the boat wasn’t wasn’t given the chance of being accepted.

      The particular boat was built by a man who has built several aircraft, so there would be very little doubt at all that it matched the PDRacer rules.

      If the PDRacer admin knows that anything Ozracer was used in a boat – then it probably won’t be accepted.

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