First pics of the MSD Rowboat.

First we had a computer drawing

Then pics of a mock up model

Now we have pics from American where one is being built by some young people as part of the Compass Project organisation’s Classes.

Often I am quite surprised by the actual appearance of a boat over what I expect. This plywood rowboat was no exception.

Where I was quite surprised by the volume and capacity of the Goat Island Skiff, the closest living relative to this design, this MSD Rowboat looks petite and delicate.

It won’t be delicate in reality of course, but it is reassuring as all good rowboats have this feeling.

The design exists because a number of people wanted a rowboat with the simple building but striking good looks of the Goat.

I wanted to reduce the weight and bulk so it would be roofrackable too, which the Goat Island Skiff sailboat is not. It really needs to be trailered.

So keep the aggressive plumb bow of the Goat and simple flat bottom form and cut away as much as possible. It really is a rowboat for one, but has just enough volume in the stern to carry a second person if they are not too heavy. Or a couple of kids .. one in front and one in the back.

I very much look forward to see what it rows like! It is designed to have a bit more rowing stability than a Dory type.

There are two others building and also Duckflat in Australia has a computer cut kit on the way.

But unlike many companies now that will only sell plans if they go with a kit (I think they want to make money too much) this one you can buy the plan or buy the plan and the kit. Your Choice!

There are now three building that I know about.
You can read about the MSD plywood rowboat here
There is a report about one being built here on the OZ woodwork forums.
And now another one
And another one

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