The Sexiest OzRacer (formerly Oz PDRacer)? Do I have to race against that thing!?!

A new local (Adelaide) PDRacer has been on its way for a few months now and is getting very close to being ready.

The picture right is what it looked like a few weeks ago. however things have changed. You can click on the pic for a closer look

Mike wrote:

Bit more progress this week.

Got the side decks glued along with the foredeck, had to do a bit of filing along the bow as I cut the sheet too short AGAIN. Rough cut the mast hole and fitted the front coaming. So hull just about ready for final epoxy coat and some varnish here and there.

Decided on a hull colour “A Ducks Transom” shall be black. Yep I know it will show every bump and hollow and black is not a good colour over epoxy but black it will be.

Wet sanded the foils ready for the final pox coat the spars are ready for varnish

Did I mention Shorty sent me the hull # ……….220


I did suggest to Mike: I don’t know if you have taped the two short butt joins in the deck and glassed them yet.

but if you haven’t … if you are really careful not to go through the top veneer when you sand the slight hollow for the glass – if you just use unthickened epoxy to do that glass taping of the join – then it won’t show except as a line.

Remember that any boat over 8ft has to have some sort of join in the deck – and the line that creates is almost never noticed …

So you could have clear varnished decks and a black hull. Or if you REALLY want to cover that join I’d do the hull and foredeck in black but bring the black foredeck back along the sidedecks slightly in a premeditated way. I’d be reckoning it would look more than slightly cool.

And cooler for you bum too.

FINALLY yesterday … Mike appeared again this time with pics. The PDRacer and materials were supplied by Duck Flat who ship all over Australia.

He accurately recognised that he was being very smug … because the boat looks fantastic!!!

Um…..update time finally. I’m afraid the final finishing has taken a lot longer than anticipated but today I have been fitting bits and pieces.

Still have a some things to tidy up but it’s pretty much done and I will be picking up my Lug from Duck Flat this week. I chickened out and got the tarp stitched up by a pro

Started on the bowsprit for the soon to be made code 0 today as well, cut out a pattern and marked onto a board ready for glue up no pics.

Cheers a smug Mike

Since then … everyone has been congratulating him on his beautiful PDRacer!!!

In the end I had to write …

Ducks are pretty humble … but this one is rather gorgeous!!!

And you want ME to race against that thing!!! It looks fast sitting in the shed!!!!

Look at the shine on that centreboard and rudder! I think I need to do some sorting through of my pink boat.

It will be interesting when we meet because all the other local OZ PDRs – five boats are sprit rigs and this will be the first with the optional lug rig.

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