More information on the Loire trip 2011 – New website

NEWS FLASH We did it in 2011!

Part 1 of our Quick Canoe building and Loire River Touring and Camping trip in France.

The Loire trip is starting to take more shape for 2011.

Loire river canoeing trip

Brian Anderson has worked out more details with the others involved.It has a website now.

The website will probably expand to cover more events if the idea of building a boat in exotic locations for local travel becomes popular. For the moment most of it is about the Loire event.

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2 thoughts on “More information on the Loire trip 2011 – New website

  1. MIK,

    Brian says I’m on the list, but it looks like Chuck might not be taking deposits until spring. I’ve registered my intent in all possible forums. Hope I haven’t missed anything.

    Chuck says his wife and Andy’s wife are also interested. I’m thinking one of those Loire flatboat rides might be better for Sharon. Otherwise I’m uncertain about the loading of the QC. Guess I have plenty of time to build a standard one and find out.

    • Do you mean carrying capacity. I was thinking of doing a fat one – QC Fatboy (sounds like a DJ). But that will be after I do the electric version.

      In theory the box shape means it will carry more (and be a worse paddler – but acceptable enough I hope) than a canoe with the same planview (view from above).