Phil and his Quick Canoe, Touring in a simple plywood canoe.

Phil has a nice blog about the building and use of his Quick Canoes.

The blog has been up for some time, but I just found it.

Phil’s Blog “My Hobbies”

simple homebuilt plywood canoe

It’s called the Quick Canoe because of the construction method.  It is better than the standard stitch and glue and goes together considerably faster.

Phil’s blog details the building of the two plywood Quick Canoes and then some of the trips the boats have been on.

Two camping trips and lots of build photos.

As you can see, there’s no reason for a very simple canoe to look ugly.

No reason for a simple plywood canoe to look ugly.

Everything needed for a couple of days and portaging over a drop.

Simple plywood canoe - touring

Peter Comments the boat is stable.

homebuilt plywood canoe is stable -

For a boxy canoe it still is the prettiest boat on the beach!  Peter’s paint job does a lot for the looks too.

Plywood DIY canoe looks good on the beach.


A very simple, quick building plywood canoe.

Quick Canoe Plans are available here

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